CNC Shearing
Metal shearing is the process of cutting Sheet metal into strips or plates into square or rectangular form. Sheet metal is separated or sliced by applying enough force until the material to fails.

Why use a shearing machine to make cuts?
The process provides ability to make straight cuts to flat metal sheets with a clean edge with minimal burs. Fast setups required with minimal run time per piece. The best advantage is the minimal waste or kerf that is created with this form of cutting generating great savings to customers. Shearing is less expensive and accurate with ability to cut a large variety of metals of various thicknesses.

Types of applications for which shearing is suited.
Cutting parts in square or rectangular form for bending or further stamping operations and roll forming.

Material types and tolerances
Our shearing machines can cut carbon steel, mild steel, stainless steel, steel alloys and aluminum. Our machines can handle sheet lengths up to 12 feet.

Maximum Thickness (Inches)

Hot Rolled
3/ 0 "
Stainless Steel
3/ 1 "
1/ 1 "
1/ 1 "
With two Cincinnati CNC Shears (1812 FSU-III & 4SE12 FSU-III), every cut is always right to spec every time.
With two Cincinnati CNC Shears ( 1812 FSU-III & 4SE12 FSU-III ), every cut is always right to spec everytime